Copyrights and General terms of use

(from 2006, amendment 09/2009, amendment 11/2017, amendment 05/2018, amendment 06/2018)

1. General terms of use

Use of this web site at the following address, hereinafter referred to as a SITE and the products and services offered in it by Proclima Solution Ltd., herein referred to as a PROVIDER, is an acknowledgment, acceptance and consent that the user / customer, herein referred to as an USER, agrees and accepts the terms of this regulation, regardless of whether the use is carried out in its own name or on behalf of another private or juridical person.

The USER is obliged when he does not agree with the general terms of use discontinue using of this SITE immediately.

By using this SITE, the USER undertakes to abide by these General terms of use,  as well as all other conditions established by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and international laws, even they are not explicitly mentioned on this page.

THE PROVIDER doesn`t bear responsibility, if the USER has not read and has not become familiar with present General terms of use.


2. Copyright

The design, structure and content of this SITE are Proclima Solution`s property. They are subject of copyright, according to The Copyright and Related Rights Act (CRRA) and the exclusive rights belong to the ownership Proclima Solution Ltd.

The USERS can print individual pages and / or its parts, images, graphics, and other from SITE content,  but are not allowed to remove copyright signs, marks or logos from them, and only if the USER cites the source of the information, namely the website of Proclima Solution Ltd., and uses them only for personal, informative and non-commercial purposes.

USERS can not copy, publish, sell, modify or license some or all of the content of the SITE and use it for any public or commercial purpose, except as information for Proclima Solution's products and services become popular.

THE SITE may contain materials, titles, or trademarks that are owned by other companies, organizations or associations, and which are also protected by the CRRA and the Law of Marks and Geographical Indications.

The content of the SITE can be used, copied and distributed only under the following conditions:

  • Copyright is guaranteed and the name of the copyright holder is mentioned;
  • The content is for informational, non-public and non-commercial purposes only;
  • The content of the SITE: the text, documents, graphics, and images cannot be modified in any way or used, copied, or distributed separately from the accompanying information.

Any unauthorized use of the SITE content constitutes a copyright infringement or other legal provisions. The use of any content, other than that which does not conflict with these terms of use without the written permission of the content owner is expressly forbidden.

Your access to this SITE as well as any part of its content may not be construed as the acquisition of any licenses or other intellectual property rights, trademarks or company marks described above or located on the Site, without the prior written permission of the owner.


3. SITE Content

THE USER is entitled to use this SITE, the information and materials contained and displayed on it only for lawful purposes and in a manner that does not harm the rights or limit the use and access to this SITE to a third party.

Use of the SITE is at the initiative, will, at the expense of the USER, subject to the limitations of the Copyright and Related Rights Act in a favor of the copyright owner - Proclima Solution Ltd. or a third party (where applicable).

Proclima Solution Ltd. authorizes you to view, store, copy electronically and print physical copies of the materials from this SITE (including pages, documents, files, photos) solely for your personal use in order to obtain information about the products and services offered by us, as well as generating orders or offers for our products and services.

The USER may not modify, copy, reproduce (whole or partly), republish, publish, send or forward (by post, e-mail, electronically or otherwise), display, rent, sell, transfer, create secondary materials based on the content of the WEBSITE, to link or use for public or commercial purposes, to distribute in any other manner unreadable here any element of the content of this SITE without the prior express written permission of Proclima Solution Ltd. Any use of the content in another site or computer environment is forbidden for any purpose without the prior written permission of Proclima Solution Ltd.

Any unauthorized use of the SITE or its content (including but not limited to: sending or transmitting any material that is unlawful, threatening, untrue, misleading, abusive, defamatory, reversing, scandalous, pornographic or other illegal content that identifies or encourages behavior that would be considered a criminal offense would result in civil or criminal liability would otherwise violate the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria) is expressly forbidden.

The use of any kind of software or device to access the SITE for mass copy / download of the content is expressly forbidden.

The USER is required not to use the SITE to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks.

Proclima Solution Ltd. reserves the right to update (add, modify, move and delete) content of this SITE or its parts (including prices, publications, technical data, product range or other information described on or relevant to this SITE) to correct possible mistakes, inaccuracies and omissions, at any time with and without notice.


4. Limitation of Liability

The whole content on this SITE is provided "such as it is". We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the authenticity and truthfulness of the SITE information, as well as the absence of misleading information. However, Proclima Solution Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the content on the SITE.

Under no circumstances Proclima Solution Ltd., its officers, managers, suppliers, agents or other third parties mentioned in this SITE or involved in its creation will not be liable for any damages (including but not limited to: direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of information or interruption of activity, etc.) caused in any other way connected to or arising from use of, inability to use or inaccessibility of the SITE or the material placed on it and operation with it (including technical problems notwithstanding efforts made by us) or other sites to which our SITE links, also as a result of taking decisions and/or conduct and/or execution of certain actions on the basis of published information and other materials, information, products or services contained in some of these sites, nevertheless what the reasons are and no matter the of warning and the possible occurrence of such damages and even when we were informed about this probability.

In the cases not mentioned here the responsibilities of Proclima Solution Ltd. are limited to the maximum permitted level by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

USER accepts to protect, ensure and keep the name of Proclima Solution Ltd., its officers, managers, employees, agents, suppliers and partners from and against any costs, losses, damages and expenses arising from the breach of these General terms of use, from the USER or other person having access to the SITE.


5. Links (hyperlinks)

This SITE may contain hyperlinks to sites that are owned by third parties. Links to these sites in the current SITE are not observed by us and are provided solely for your convenience and facilitation. If you use these links, you will leave this SITE. We do not control or hold any responsibility for these sites nor do we guarantee or assume any commitment in respect of them or their content, completeness, actuality, reliability and usefulness of information, products, advertising or other materials made available to or through these external sites. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or security of these sites. We are not responsible for any results and consequences of their use (including damages or lost profits). The use of such sites, linked in our SITE is entirely at your own risk and liability.


6. Links to our SITE

Links to pages on our SITE are allowed, provided they are done in an appropriate context. If you need clarification on the ability to link to your site to a page from this SITE, please contact us.


7. Confidentiality

The inviolability of all USER'S personal data, including but not limited to the name and / or e-mail and / or telephone number, is guaranteed by the PROVIDER. They will only be used for the purposes for which they were collected or received and will not be provided to third parties.

The information that the USER provides during the visit of this SITE is used to respond to queries and questions, to contact USERS, to inform about products and services, to send information, to receive orders and others.

Personal or identifying data will not be used otherwise without the express written consent of the USER, except in the cases provided by law or by a court ruling.

Proclima Solution Ltd. is not responsible for the personal identifying data that the USER reveals to other sites through the use of the links located on the SITE. The USER is required to review and understand the privacy policies of those sites.


8. Revisions

THE PROVIDER reserves the right to modify, delete, and edit these General terms of use at any time, when the relevant changes will be posted at this page. Any subsequent use of the content of the SITE after such changes will mean that the USER understands and accepts these changes. It is the USER's responsibility to review the content of General terms of use and any changes thereto. The date of the last update is noted at the top of this page.