SONDEX plates

The SONDEX plates are designed in such a way that they can be used both as right and as left plates. The plates just have to be turned 180º. Excepted are types S1, S53 and SF52, which are “diagonal” plates. Here right and left plates are different.

Product range: S1, S4a, S8a, S14, S20a, S7a, S17, S9a, S19a, S31a, S37, SN51, S52, S22, S21, S47, S64, S41, S42, S62, S86, S110, S43, S65, S100, S130, S152, S220, S113, S81, S121, S188, S251, SF160, SF101, SF 131, SF 229, SF123, SF53, SF25a, SW26, SW40a, SW54, SW59, SW122, SW189,S145, S210, S201.


Right/left plates:

On a right plate the flow runs from hole 2 to hole 3 or reverse from hole 3 to hole 2.

On a left plate the flow runs from hole 1 to hole 4 or reverse from hole 4 to hole 1.

The opening of the corner holes are described in a “plate code index”. For instance 1234 means that all corner holes are open.

Every plate can be identified by:

  • the gasket configuration;
  • the plate code index;
  • thermal short or thermal long execution.