Gaskets for heat exchangers

The following types of packings are being used in SONDEX plate type heat exchangers:

  • Glue gaskets
  • "Sonder Snap"
  • "Sonder Lock" gaskets (new generation of gaskets)
  • "Hang-on" gaskets

The groove provided in the plates holds the special gasket. The purpose of this gasket is to prevent intermixing of the media and leakage to the outside.The gaskets are selected to suit the actual combination of temperature, chemical resistance and possible other conditions to be considered. They can be supplied in Viton, Nitrile or EPDM.


Next types gaskets are available too:

S100 Sonderlock S120 S14A S15 S20 S20A S21 Sonderlock S21A S22 Sonderlosk S30 S35 S37 Sonderlock
S38 Sonderlock S39 S43 S43 Sonderlock S47 Sonderlock A4A S50 S61 S8A S64 Sonderlock S65 S65 Sonderlock
S72 S7A S8 Sonderlock S8A S9A S86 SFD13/SFD22 S100 S121 Sonderlock S130/152 S188